...writers of all types: beginners, amateurs, wannabes and professionals.


We do not offer to edit, revise, print, or distribute your book.*


We will not fill you with unobtainable expectations or ask you for money.


Mostly, you will find reviews and commentary on products that writers may enjoy using.


What qualifications do I have to write about writing?

Since 1990 I have published more than a dozen tutorials for tech users. Some became audio books, others audio on multimedia discs. Later, I also did books, as in printed. Most got great reviews in the USA and abroad.


I have written for national magazines and have produced tons of "content" or "copy" for radio and TV station use. So my experience is largely in non-fiction.


I know nothing about writing poetry, pornography, romance novels or short stories. Very much like my photography tutorials, I am more interested in explaining, for example, self-publishing than explaining writing technique.


My work has been covered in Wired Magazine, the New York Times, Associated Press, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, the London Financial Mail, the Australian Herald, as well as several photo magazines nationwide.

The good news is that, today with social media, PDF files and websites, it's much easier to get information to the people who should see it. So we start with some simple reviews of tools that may make your life easier.


We are still building these pages, so stop by often!



Jack Socha


* My wife, in a separate enterprise, lays out books professionally for a number of people and organizations. Proper layout means a lot!  You can see more at www.yourbookinprint.com.

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