These pages are a resource for beginners and even intermediate or advanced amateurs.


There are already many excellent websites featuring photo articles, product reviews and more, and I do not feel the need to duplicate them.  I hope to fill the gaps with odd, unusual or little-known items to get you curious about more than the brand-new-latest.


This was my "beat" when I wrote articles for Modern Photography, Shutterbug Magazine and their early companion, eDigitalPhoto. 


While a decent photographer, you can call me an "enthusiast." I am not a fine art photographer or an accomplished professional, understanding every nuance of lighting and posing.


Just as I know a great deal about how computers work but am not a programmer, a strong point I have is strong explaining the basics.


That's why my book, How To Use The Digital Camera You Just Bought has been well received by beginners.


So, welcome to this page which I hope to fill with items of interest. It may even save you time, money and trouble!



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Welcome to the photography pages!

Scala & Kolacny Brothers (California Dreaming)

All images shot with a PaperShoot camera.