Working with the folks in Taiwan, we are happy to include this direct link to see the wide selection of PaperShoot cameras and place orders directly. Please note the camera chasis and excellent optics are the same in each camera. PaperShoot offers a wide range of camera enclosures to suit your personal preferences. 


Schools may contact me [editor (at) acpress (dot) com] about quantity sales so I can arrange to get more information, samples, etc., to you.


For your convenience, here is a currency conversion web page so you can see the cost of each camera in US dollars.


For example, a "Classic" model is  NT$1,999 which is about $65 USD. Most services, including PayPal, convert the amount automatically.


Again, you are dealing directly with the camera designer and his company. Sillycatvalley is not a retailer of cameras. We hope to generate interest and sales of this fascinating quality creative tool.


While you can't get 2-day delivery, you will be surprised at how fast your camera will arrive!


I would love to hear from you about your experiences with your PaperShoot and I hope you will share images with me as well!  Write to editor (at) acpress (dot) com. 


We are working with PaperShoot on a few exclusive designs and will let you know about them in the future.




It's easy to order a PaperShoot camera direct from Taiwan!

"It took me 2 years of trial and error to perfect a prototype paper camera, and the final product came out after 2 more years of setting up fabrication."

-George Lin