A Blast From The Past!"



This is a direct positive photo from 50 years ago (1966). At 18, I was in Baltimore, training to be an "Intelligence Analyst."


I was taking a bus back to NJ. In the bus terminal there was this OLD photo booth, unlike the ones that gave you four views in a strip.


This booth took one shot, using several photoflood bulbs, and delivered a single photo in a tin metal frame.


The frame is gone and somewhere I laminated it, but you can still see the soft 1940's style of the exposure and lens.


Keep in mind that the 1940's were only 20 years earlier, so these machines still had supplies!


And Speaking Of the 1940's


A few years ago the historical fiction book, The Good German, was made into a movie starring George Clooney.


To achieve the "look" of films made in the 40's, they not only shot in black and white, but used lenses and other gear from the same era. That, plus historical footage, worked to give the film a very authentic "feel" that probably could not have been done with digital filtering. There was flare, just like on the insignia of the hat in my photo.



There is renewed interest in "vintage" lenses for still photography with several Kickstarter programs hoping to get funding to re-create old formula lenses that were designed with paper graphs and slide-rules, not computers. We'll see what happens...