Four Alternative Cameras To Consider


Unlike facts, there are real alternative cameras for those wanting something different from “standard brands” of DSLRs, mirrorless, compact and action cameras. This hardware appeals to photographers who set aside sophisticated gear and exercise their creativity another way.


These are not wretched digital “novelty” cameras sold as “world’s smallest” or “spy cameras” shaped like a pen. Those novelties all seem to have a poor lens and miserable resolution.


Like their film predecessors sold at parades and carnivals, novelty cameras seriously disappoint.


These three are much more fun.


The Bigshot is a fascinating camera that comes as a kit. Think Ikea!




Lytro(s) An Insanely Good Idea That Got Scrapped. Now you can buy one cheap!


Models start at $29.95



A Camera Body Made Of Paper.


I am so jazzed about this camera I am trying to get it better known in the USA! 




Novelty Camera From Years Ago

Novelty Camera Today

[Trust me, don't bother!]

The ONLY sucessful shot I ever took with a novelty film camera